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N°04 – November 2020


• p. 2 Women’s autonomy in Saudi Arabia – Soha Alharbi

• p. 4 The economic potential and opportunities in the EAU – Farid Vahid

• p. 6 Could the Middle East be the next heaven for startups ? – Hocine Malkia

• p. 8 Living 10 years in Oman – Gilles Desorbay 

• p. 10 Sport in the Middle East, between soft power and strategy for the future – Scutum Security First

• p. 12 Pharmaceutical industry challenges in North Africa – Bertrand de Lavenne

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N°03 – September 2020


Global Britain by Alastair Watson p.2

Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean by SFF p.3

Saudi Arabia in Africa by Antoine Ripaud p.5

Trading in Africa from a Turkish perspective by Abdülkadir Güzeloğu p.7

Morocca, a regional player in Africa by Mourad Arbib p.8

India’s relations with the Middle East by Manod Jinnuri p.10

Doing business with Iran by Farid Vahid p.13

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N°02 – June 2020


How will the club operate ? by E. Schell and A. Houssard p.2

Response to Hervé Novelli’s article on Tourism p.3

Egypt standing the test of the Covid-19 global pandemic by Régis Monfront p.4

Could Egypt become a start-up nation? by Antoine Ripaud p.6

Great Power Competition by Charles Thépaut p.8

The Middle East at the New Silk Roads Junction by SSF p.10

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N°01 – May 2020


The Diwan’s Motto – Connecting East-West Leaders p.2

Why the Diwan? p.2

Call for Partnership – Diwan Leadership Program p.2

The Interview – Maurice Gourdault-Montagne p.3

Tourism in the COVID’s Aftermath by Hervé Novelli p.4 

A geopolitical overview by SSF p.5

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