A Message from Hervé Novelli

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Posted on : 15 April 2020 
   By Global Diwan

We are happy to share a messsage of our Advisory Board member and Former Secretary of State for Commerce,
Hervé Novelli :

“A few words to express my commitment to the Global Diwan.


The first time Eric Schell mentioned the Global Diwan’s vision, I immidiately agreed.
It is ambitious, innovative and useful.


Surely it is ambitious ! To plan high level meetings in Paris, London and Berlin, but also in the Middle East’s main cities, what a challenge !


It is original in the way it deliberately frees itself from narrow national considerations through which one often interprets the world affairs.


And ultimately, it is my conviction the Global Diwan’s work is definetly useful : As the state of the world is worrisome, we need multilateral approaches off the beaten track.


Hence, I fully commit myselft to the sucess of this project ! “


Hervé Novelli
President of the Association of Franco-Tunisian Exchanges


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