Maurice Gourdault-Montagne and Eric Schell meet President Sarkozy

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Posted on : 16 June 2020 
   By Global Diwan

Tuesday June 16th, The Global Diwan represented by Maurice Gourdault-Montagne and Eric Schell had the great honour to meet President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris.

In a high flying exchange, President Nicolas Sarkozy encouraged us to adopt a global vision through our dialogue between Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. The geographical and historical proximity between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East is a formidable asset. Far from the hegemonies, both shores of the Meditarranean must capitalise on this strength to tackle tomorrow’s problems and bear the fruits of their common interests.

President Nicolas Sarkozy assured The Global Diwan of his active support in its endeavour to promote dialogue between leaders from the East and the West.


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   Nicolas Sarkozy