Vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel joins our Advisory Board

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Posted on : 8 September 2020 
   By Global Diwan

We are pleased to announce that German statesman Sigmar Gabriel has joined the Advisory Board of The Global Diwan

Former Vice-Chancellor (2013-2018), Foreign Minister (2017-2018), Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy (2013-2017) and Minister of the Environment (2005-2009), Sigmar Gabriel’s vast experience in the political, diplomatic and business world will be critical to carry out The Global Diwan’s ambition to be a business platform between Europe, the Middle and Far East as well as the North Africa region.

This new appointment comes at an exciting time as the club’s European events will take place in Paris, London, Berlin and discussions with our friends and partners are moving forward : 

➤ The London Energy Club, an influential and exclusive platform gathering government and corporate leaders from energy, investment and geopolitics (

➤ NUMOV (Nah-und MittelOst Verein) in Berlin, “Germany’s oldest and largest organisation for economic development promoting relations between Germany and the countries of the Near and Middle East” (


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