A growing Success for Our Second Diwaniya in Paris

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Posted on : 1 February 2022 
   By Global Diwan

The Global Diwan hosted its second Diwaniya in Paris reaching a momentous landmark in the young history of our platform meant for cultural and business exchanges.

Reiterating November 2021 successful networking event, we managed to convene a meeting where ambassadors, businessmen and women, researchers, politicians and members of civil society would get to know each other, network and cooperate by building humane relationships.

We were honoured to welcome many Ambassadors and senior diplomats from MENA countries (Algeria, Bahrein, Egypt, Koweit, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar and Turkey, United Arab Emirates).

Our mission, while of stunning simplicity, appears today more necessary than ever, while sanitary contingencies have since 2020 made in-person meetings so scarce.

We would like to pay tribute and to thank warmly our sponsors Jolt Capital and Egis as well as our numerous partners without whom none of it would had been possible. Thank you for giving us the means to effectively connect East and West Leaders !

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