Connecting East and West Leaders

The Global Diwan is a an international club designed for leaders wishing to develop their business network between Europe and the Arab World, and beyond with Africa and Asia. 

Created to boost projects and initiatives through exclusive events, we provide to our members unique opportunities of meeting and networking in Paris, London, Berlin and in the main Arab capital cities, and especially during our Annual Forum in Nice, France.The club is a non-partisan, independent organisation, a place for discussion and dialogue that follows its own path and will enable the involvement of different actors to better understand the diversity of this vast and complex geographic zone.


Our Objectives


to our membership a privileged meeting environment, one of dialogue, exchange and reflection, which cultivates an open-minded and independent outlook.


a long-term strategic alliance between the European and Arab business communities, particularly vis-à-vis the African and Asian continents, in the context of an ever-evolving multipolar world.


the emergence of a new generation of Euro-Arab young leaders and encouraging the creation of new initiatives and projects in all sectors.