“ Diwan des Idées ”

A Diwan to trade ideas …

Our goal when we created The Global Diwan was to connect the leaders of the East and the West not only through business. Considering the deep historical and cultural ties between Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, it became absolutely necessary to tackle, in one way or another, these strategic issues in our Global Diwan.

Now our team and partners are developing an offer specifically dedicated to artists, intellectuals, cultural managers, art collectors as well as each one of us interested by arts, culture and heritage. Our ambitious programme will include three to four private receptions per year, hosted at prestigious venues, featuring thematic debates and art performances. A very intimate format which focuses on quality and selection will maximise opportunities for meeting, sharing ideas and why not enable new projects and initiatives to nourish the essential cultural dialogue between the East and the West.

Diwan des Idées meetings will rotate with The Global Diwan Afterworks.

More is coming. Stay tuned.