The Diwan Leadership

Our exclusive network of business partners, investors and experts in various fields will allow to tailor specific programmes matching the need and expectations of the young leaders.

The Diwan Leadership Program, build under the sponsorship of The Global Diwan, aims at discovering and promoting the upcoming leaders of the MENA region with little exposure to their European counterparts.

Developing working relations and getting to know each other are the core values of this leadership programme. Young leaders need above all cultural empathy, cross-cultural communication skills and global contacts.

The Global Diwan will play a key role in the creation of cross-regional bonds, by engaging the coming generation of leaders and activating a broad panel of decision and opinion makers.

The Diwan Leadership Programme will bring access to a large number of compagnies, employers federations, institutions, NGO’s, political circles and local authorities in Europe thanks to our local partners.

Women Mentorship

As an extension to our Leadership Programme, mentoring will be implemented to support the growth of youth and women in the corporate world and in entrepreneurship. Such platform will allow the exchange of career knowledge and advice as well as sharing inspiring stories and entrepreneurship skills between successful women and aspiring young people.

More is coming. Stay tuned.