The Global Diwan
Annual Forum

An Exclusive Forum on Food and Environmental Security.

The Nice Forum is the first face-to-face Global Diwan event. Foreseen as a yearly gathering, it will bring together, for two days, European and Arab business leaders, experts and decision makers to reflect on topical themes of common interest.

The Global Diwan’s first in-person Forum will be held in Nice, February 2022.

This new initiative comes from the willingness of the club to foster dialog between both shores of the Mediterranean and the Middle East and enhance cooperation, pillar and driver of a sustainable economic and human development.

This high-level event will gather a large panel of leaders, experts and politicians from the Euro-Arab regions to tackle among tomorrow’s most important challenges: environmental and food security.

During the Forum, plenary sessions combined with round table discussions and side-events will offer a full inventory of state-of-the-art technologies and best practices related to these challenges.

This will be completed by a comprehensive overview of available financing solutions to implement new entrepreneurial projects and start-up initiatives.

As representatives of the future of our countries, the Global Diwan also wants to honor Women and Young Leaders who are committed to provide new and concrete solutions to the areas most affected by tomorrow’s challenges.

In sum, the Nice Forum aspires to be the meeting place for people who are shaping the future of Euro-Arab relations, including Young and Women Leaders.


A top-quality cultural programme to inspire a renewed dialogue between Europe and the Arab world

Day 1

      Inaugural lecture by Peter Frankopan (TBC), Professor at Oxford University – Centre Universitaire Méditerrannéen

      VIP Dinner – Grand Hôtel du Cap Ferrat

            Day 2

                2 plenary sessions & 12 thematic round tables will explore the issues of food and environmental security in the MENA area – Negresco Hotel

                Gala Dinner & Symphony Concert by Amine Kouider –
                Salon Royal at Negresco Hotel

                    A Unique Access to Expertise and Decision Makers

                    At the Negresco, two plenary sessions and twelve round table discussions will explore the issues of food and environmental security in the MENA area.

                    Round Table Discussions

                    Room A – Environment

                    New Agricultural Models for the MENA Region
                    Addressing the Water Scarcity Issue
                    An Inventory of New Technologies for Air, Food and Water
                    The Future of the Blue Economy

                    Room B – Territories

                    Mega Projects and the Future of Arab Cities
                    Upgrading the Arab Urban Experience With Sustainable Infrastructures
                    A Road Map for Landscape Protection and Sustainable Tourism
                    Post War Reconstruction Challenges

                    Room C – Think Ahead

                    Post-Covid Lessons for Global Trade : A Need for Greater Regional Integration
                    Euro-Arab Solutions for Africa
                    Successful Green Startup Stories
                    Women Leaders Stand Up for the Environment

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